About Us

J.P., Kapur & Uberai has been operating as a partnership of professional accountants in India for almost 50 years. Both medium sized business and multinational companies use our services and we include amongst our clientele, banks, public sector undertakings, manufacturers, contractors, hotels, processing companies, trading concerns, enterprises engaged in genetic engineering, service companies, consultancy companies, development sector entities and others.

We have developed our practice through action and accomplishments by demonstrating delivery, which has helped us in establishing our character. We bring together decades of professional experience, contemporary knowledge and expertise and a proven track record.

We understand and appreciate different business philosophies. Having been exposed to the extremely complex Indian business environment which is overloaded with governmental controls and procedures and overwhelming legal complications, coupled with the need of entrepreneurs to seek specialised competent assistance and advice on ‘Doing Business from a single source, whether on account of their own people being too busy, or when permanent internal staffing is not economically justifiable, has led us to gear ourselves to be able to cater to such demands.

This in turn has led to our combining with ourselves, associates with requisite expertise, experience, aptitude and ability so that we can mobilise experience of diverse fields to supplement and complement our accumulated knowledge and experience and offer complete business solutions. However, our commitment to service remains primary.

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