Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll management is one of the most complicated tasks as it involves compliance with several laws that may apply to the company, like Income Tax, Provident fund, ESI, leave recording, attendance recording, pay slip generation etc. The employees also have clarifications to seek on their monthly payouts and only a proper payroll system can provide answers to the satisfaction of the employees. It also helps in providing answers to the PF and ESI authorities if they conduct an inspection on the employee’s records.

Payroll services would include:

  • Leave recording and management
  • Attendance recording to form the basis of payroll calculation
  • Recording of reimbursement claims
  • Staff advances payments and recoveries
  • Provident Fund calculations and payment to the Government
  • ESI calculations and payment to the Government
  • Generation of monthly pay slips
  • Generating Form 16
  • Handling of staff queries

In a dynamic environment where business is conducted globally, good strategy, prudent planning and technology, all aimed at increasing productivity, will provide the competitive edge.

Our experience with the corporate world spanning almost three decades reveals that each enterprise requires numerous essential support services which do not generate productivity. These activities, while requiring expertise and experience, are generally monotonous and time consuming.

Employee related productivity will necessitate that business enterprises enter into strategic tie-ups to out source knowledge and expertise and off load mundane activities to permit them to get on with through put. But outsourcing from the right source becomes critical.

Successful outsourcing, in many ways like partnership, requires parties to understand each other, their philosophies, focus and their respective roles without ambiguity.

We understand these requirements of business and offer professional assistance to overcome the tedium, be it payroll, accounting or meeting client specific needs.

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