Audit and Assurance Services

Statutory Audit

The objectives of conducting audit are to express an opinion on the financial statements prepared by clients in order to meet regulatory and requirements. Our approach is to plan well before the year end by liaising with the management, testing and relying on the control systems in vogue and performing a fair portion of the work well before the year end in order to identify potential difficulties as early as possible and sharing our findings with the management. This makes it possible for us to revert to the management with realistic and practical recommendations for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ controls and procedures. In fact, we are in constant touch with the management on accounting, financial, tax and corporate law related matters.

Audits conducted by us cover almost all types of industries and business houses. The Partners have had substantial experience of audits of various types of industries including trading, manufacturing, construction, shipping, travel, trade, hotels, airlines, banks, insurance, financial corporations, fabrication, ship repairing, publishing, erection and commissioning, asset reconstruction, advertising, export houses, power plants, agriculture, entertainment business, HNIs, societies and trusts.

Management Audit

Ever-changing business environment and commercial needs, increasing costs, pressure on margins and modified corporate objectives necessitate business houses to review their operations objectively on a continuous basis. Impartial objective criticism, we believe, provides an impetus to any business organisation, provided it is accompanied with appropriate practical suggestions. This is the underlying philosophy of the management audits that we execute.

Our approach to any management audit is to define scope of the assignment after understanding specific requirements of a client and superimposing thereon the requirements of a business organisation as we perceive of them. We document and present to the management our methodology and estimated time of completion of each sub-activity. Our management audits have provided the management with requisite information to enable it to make hard core decisions as also to assist in its daily operations.

Information Systems Audit

Information Systems audits are aimed at determining the level of effectiveness and reliability of computerisation programme and security of data, while simultaneously providing suggestions for improvements.

Due Diligence Review

Clients often require due diligence exercises to be conducted, be it for obtaining comfort on the reasonableness and reliability of data and operating results of an entity, for entering business arrangements, preparatory to valuation of business or in contemplation of takeover or investments.

Internal Control Reviews

Our team of professionals specializes in guiding companies through the establishment of robust internal controls over financial reporting, whether an entity has maintained compliance over the years or is embarking on its compliance journey. The goal is to institute a cost effective and efficient compliance process. We assist companies in applying a risk-based methodology in alignment with regulatory guidelines in vogue.

Social Audit

Social audit benefits a business by enhancing transparency, promoting accountability, identifying areas of improvement, improving stakeholder relations, and strengthening its brand image. The firm has conducted impact analysis of work done in the development sector.

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